Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Curation Tools to use

  • I plan to use photostreaming personally to share photos and also professionally to share photos with other teachers in building (ie. 5th/8th grade buddy photos, and classroom photos)
  • I plan to use feedly in the classroom with students to follow current events and discussions as well as professional development feeds and personal feeds.  
  • pinterest looks fun and I've heard quite a buzz about it- so I plan to explore that some more over the summer.  I can see how it fits with personal interests at this point, but not sure how I might use it in the classroom (some think it may be dangerous to use in the classroom due to the high interest level and lack of focus)
  • I may begin to use Twitter professionally to try it out.  Not sure I will post yet....


  1. Haven't played with photostreaming but would like to. If I'm going to post pics on a blog, I know for sure I need a streamlined way to do it or it is not going to happen. Can't wait to hear your reaction to pinterest. Fun stuff! Twitter kind of freaks me out, and I can't see any use in it for me personally or professionally. Although, I did follow all of the Bruins game 3 tweets since I didn't get the game on tv. It was pretty cool. If you find it helpful, I would love to know more!

  2. Rod, I understand your concern about using Pinterest in the classroom. It can be an addicting resource! I don't use it with my students, but instead I use it to find, collect, and organize teaching resources that I can use in my classroom. I have used such a large amount of teaching resources that I found on Pinterest. Good luck exploring it this summer!

  3. Hmmm. What is photostreaming? In my quest to store loads of professional photos I am interested in hearing more! I have been uploading to flickr and it definitely will take me the summer to get all of this year's photos off my computer, but it is lovely to look at! My goal is to be able to push out the work not only to students but also to parents and the public at large. Beware of pinterest--one loses track of time while on that site!! Although I will say it was like eating way too many potato chips--all of a sudden I just needed to push the bag away and shut it down!

  4. Rod, I love Pintrest for both my personal and professional lives. Personally, I would be wary of using it in the classroom with students. I know that with the multitude of things Pintest contains, I often get sidetracked because something catches my eye and then 20 minutes later I have forgotten my initial reason for searching Pintrest. That being said, I have found it to be very helpful for ideas for the classroom in terms of organization, lesson ideas, activities, etc. I'm sure once you get going you will find it helpful.