Tuesday, June 18, 2013

TED Talk - Geoffrey Cananda - reflection on group discussion

Current model of ed does not work
Why do we keep doing it?
One size fits all-no innovation
Need testing data sooner-not at the end of the year.
Educational cliff- need to do something now

Guiding question- What are we doing that is failing our students?

Education clearly needs to change.  Innovation needs to happen with engagement in mind.  Kids fall through the cracks.  How do we hook all kids? The current model works for some kids but not all. How do we do a better job of personalizing learning throughout the classroom?


  1. Rod, I appreciate your notes on this and your participation in the discussion. I look forward to hearing more about ways you think we all might do more to personalize learning.

  2. Rod, Allowing students to personalize what they do increases engagement tremendously. You do this with a lot of your projects/assignments. I look forward to seeing how you continue to innovate what happens in your classroom as you provide students more choices. What do you think about having your students do a year-long research project on a topic of their choice?

  3. Rod, you are right education has to change. You are all about the kids and doing the best you can! With these new tools we can all be awesome! Sometimes you gotta cut the line on these things!