Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ted Talk- Khan Academy Videos

Love the TED Talks!  A very inspiring video on "Flipping the Classroom".  Kahn makes several valid points of how this concept could potentially revolutionize education.  Having students view "lecture" or content explanation videos for homework allows students to watch at their own pace and rewind if needed to understand the concept, which they do not get to do during class.  It also frees up teaching time in the classroom.  Teachers can now work with students who are struggling with a concept while other students are working on a problem or project to demonstrate proficiency with the concept.  Ultimately, students can work and progress at their own pace.  Previous lessons can also be viewed again, if needed.  

We have used several of these videos as reference and additional resources.  This works great for students to hear information from a different voice, and maybe presented in a different way.  Khan Academy videos are an excellent resource for the classroom.  


  1. I've never used the Khan Academy videos and would like to explore what they can offer for students. Despite having many years of teaching under my belt I am always trying to think of new ways to encourage those who complete projects early to take their ideas further. Some kids rush while others are simply very efficient. The rushers need to be slowed down while the efficient need to work to develop the next step in their creation process.

  2. Aren't TED talks great? I wrote about them on my blog as well. I think I've watched the Khan one before, but it's been a while. Maybe it's time for a refresher!