Thursday, September 19, 2013

PBS Learning Videos
The PBS Learning videos are outstanding!  We have used several of these in science classes, but I have not come across them all in one place as a resource.  It is necessary to create an account to have full access.  Lots of short video clips that can be used for mini-lessons or flipping the classroom.


  1. I just spent some time on the PBS video site, and you are right that it is an excellent resource for science videos. The lessons plans that go with some of the videos are also pretty great. Haven't searched the site for videos that go with our Social Studies unit yet, but I bet there are plenty.

    In regards to another one of your entries, the eighth grade will be keeping the Maine Unit. Psyched to hear what your ideas are for the unit. Maybe you could take a release day with our committee and work with Ira on it!

  2. The PBS videos rock. The fifth grade team has found this resource and is using several of the videos and lesson plans in our environments unit.They have several videos about plant growth and even living vs. non-living that are very fifth grade appropriate.